Food for an easy backpacking weekend. Vegetarian, non-ultralight.

We are going on a weekend trip. Here’s the food I’m bringing.

We are leaving on Friday evening, drive to the park, and hike 1 mile to the campsite. Saturday is all about hiking, and Sunday we are driving home after breakfast.

The food is for 2 people and all vegetarian.

For my previous backpacking trip, I almost underpacked my food, so this time I’m taking a little extra just in case. We will have a base at the campsite and on the hiking day only our lunch goes onto my back, so I wasn’t too worried about the weight.

Day 1 (Friday) dinner

Instant potatoes, string cheese, herbal tea bags.

I’m sure I won’t be able to finish the whole bag of instant potatoes (it’s supposed to be 4 servings, which imo is more like 2.5), and we could probably share 1 bag, but like I said, I packed on the “extra” side.

Update: 1 packed of instant potatoes was enough for the 2 of us. We did finish all the cheese.

Day 2 (Saturday) breakfast

2 sachets of instant oats each plus toppings (freeze dried fruit and a nut mix), steeped coffee. I’m pretty confident that will be the right amount of breakfast food.

Update; 3 sachets of oats for 2 people was enough (1.5 sachet each). We did finish all the toppings.

Day 2 (Saturday) lunch

A sachet of ready to eat vegetarian rice&veggies mix plus tortillas.

This will be our lunch on the go as we’re hiking on Saturday.

Update: this was perfect! The rice&veggie dish was very tasty, and we ate 3 burritos each. The rest went to dinner.

Saturday snacks

I brought string cheese and trail mix. Just before leaving, I also threw in a couple of energy bars.

I wouldn’t take string cheese on a trip in summer as I would be afraid of it going bad, but I think now that the weather is cold it will be fine.

Update: we did eat the cheese but didn’t eat the nuts.

Day 2 (Saturday) dinner

We are sharing a packet of ready to eat rice and a packet of ready to eat curry. We’ll also finish the tortillas if we have any left over from lunch.

Warm tea after an intense day is always a good idea in my book.

Update: this, plus tortillas left from lunch, were the perfect amount of food for dinner after a hiking day.

Day 3 (Sunday) breakfast

It’s exactly the same as Saturday breakfast: oats, toppings, coffee.


I definitely overpacked and I had some food left, but I prefer it this way! I’ll definitely reuse those ideas for supermarket-bought vegetarian backpacking food over and over (and over) again.

7 responses to “Food for an easy backpacking weekend. Vegetarian, non-ultralight.”

    1. Thank you 😊😊😊


  1. I’m a big fan of grocery store backpacking meals … some great ideas here. My son and I take Knorr rice side dishes and add chicken and spices to them; same with ramen noodles. Lots of ramen noodles! I’m going to have to look for that curry and that “60 second bowl.”

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    1. Thank you, Scott! Big yes to ramen but I wanted something different

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      1. Us too … we like it but it seems like we eat it too much! At least if I use that little foil “flavor” (sodium overload) packet at all with our other ingredients I don’t put the whole thing in, haha


      2. … all that to say I was glad to see a few more ideas here 🙂

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        1. It’s always good to exchange ideas 😉

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