Here’s what I take on a hiking day

Tomorrow we go hiking. Here’s my hiking stuff:

Things I take on a hiking day
  • My hiking boots
    • I have Salomon Women’s X ultra 3, which I got with a 60% discount. Here is how I save on my gear.
  • My Nike running leggings and t-shirt
    • I don’t own special hiking clothes, but honestly, my running clothes work just fine. They wick away sweat and keep me cool.
  • Merino wool blend socks
    • Merino wool, in my opinion, is the best material for hiking socks. It doesn’t retain moisture so your feet stay dry; it is thick so you don’t form blisters; it somehow doesn’t retain smells (magic). I use the Darn Tough brand, a pair is around $20 at REI.
  • A hat
    • I’ve had this $15 cap for a couple years now, and I love how lightweight it is.
  • A hip pack
    • For longer trips I take a day pack, but this time I only have to carry my wallet, phone and water.
  • A water bottle
  • A sports drink
    • I normally use a reduced sugar option (Nuun), but we’ll drive to the hiking spot, so by the time we get there my sugar levels will have dropped. So, I’m taking classic Gatorade.
  • Snacks
    • I’ve packed two energy bars. On longer trips, I take a sandwich, some trail mix and an apple.
  • Band aids
    • My hiking boots are new so I’ll probably need those… And in any case, it’s good to have them just in case.
    • There are some tapes that people say work better than band aids, but for a short trip I think those will do.
  • Underwear, sports bra
    • As far as sports bras go, I’m a big fan of Woxer . They have two styles of bras, I have both. They work great for everyday wear as well as for workouts/outdoor activities. Somebody with bigger breasts may find them not supportive enough though.
    • For underwear, I usually wear whatever cotton briefs I have, BUT! Woxer just introduced their own briefs, and I’m definitely giving them a try! (Not sponsored, I just love that brand)
  • My phone with a map
  • My wallet
  • Sunglasses

What I’m also taking:

My list is for day hiking in a popular area (i.e. we’re unlikely to get lost or stranded without help). It’s September and we’re in Maryland, so while it is still very warm, we don’t need sunscreen or protection from extreme weather.

What you could consider taking, depending on when, where and for how long you’re going:

  • A first-aid kit
  • A printed-out map in case you don’t have service
  • A headlamp
  • Clothes to layer up or down
  • Sunscreen and/or bug spray

2 responses to “Here’s what I take on a hiking day”

  1. I LOVE Darn Tough socks! The best hiking socks out there!


    1. Right! They are the best, and so cute too!


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