Vegetarian camping/backpacking food from a supermarket

I like a good freeze-dried lasagna. Still, when I shop for food for a camping/backpacking weekend, I tent to just to go the closest supermarket. I find it easier, more variable, and, honestly, tastier.

A lot of these meals are not ultralight, but a lot of them are! Instant potatoes and ramen, for example, are really lightweight.

I’m focusing on vegetarian meals, but if it’s not a concern for you, there are even more options…



Quick oats (I usually make 2 packs for a serving if I have a hiking day ahead), topped with freeze dried fruit, nut oil and sometimes nuts.


My staple is tortillas is a plant-based rice&protein bowl. They say you’re supposed to microwave them but they are just as good cold. I buy my bowls at Harris Teeter.

Here are the varieties I’ve tried so far, and the Chipotle Pepper is my favorite:

If you eat non-vegetarian, then tuna/chicken pouches with tortillas are a great option.


This is my to-go, vegetarian ramen with a bit of ghee added for flavor and calories.

Instant potatoes are a great option too. You can add ghee to it as well.

This is definitely not ultralight but it is delicious and works well for short trips/car camping. You can warm it up in a pot, or just mix rice and curry in your bowl and eat it like that! The curry pouches come in all the possible flavors.


String cheese is individually wrapped and doesn’t go bad in a day or two (just melts a little). It’s an excellent way to add some protein and some calories.

Of all energy bats I’ve tried, Larabars are my favorites because of clean ingredients and great taste.

Nuts are an obvious choice… I sometimes buy individually packed portions, like these, or just a big bag of trail mix and then split it into small ziplocks. I avoid trail mixes with chocolates because chocolate melts and creates a mess.

Dried fruit is always my favourite thing to snack on.

These fruit bars are from Costco and it’s a little treat.


I simply take tea/coffee bags. We’ve tried different ways of making coffee at camp (instant/aero press/drip bags/stovetop espresso maker to use on fire) but these bags are the best in their quality/simplicity for me. I’m happy with the Steeped Coffee brand, but I’m sure others exist. (This is actually a cheat, I buy them on Amazon, not at a supermarket)


I can’t imagine hiking without an electrolyte drink. I either take Nuun (you don’t have to take the plastic box, just put the tablets into a small ziplock) or Gatorade powder.


Hope it helps! Please share your ideas!

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