Food for a weekend backpacking trip

Somehow I managed to pack *just* the right amount of food for the weekend. I returned home with 1 tea bag and 1 coffee bag (both taken just in case).

For reference, we left Saturday morning and returned Sunday around lunchtime. I had Saturday breakfast and Sunday dinner at home.

We hiked 11 miles on day 1 and 7 miles on day 2.

Day 1 (saturday) breakfast:

at home. I made sure to eat more than I normally would.

Day 1 lunch:

tortillas and tuna sachets.

I ate 5 small tortillas and 1 sachet of tuna. I saved the rest for emergency food, and ended up finishing it on the second day.

Day 1 dinner:

A freeze-dried meal and herbal tea.

It was my first time eating a freeze-dried meal, and it was tastier than I expected! Make sure to bring a spork with a long handle so that you can reach until the bottom of the bag without getting your hand dirty (I got this one for $12.95).

I’m so glad I brought tea. After a long day of hiking, when it’s cold in the evening, a mug of tea by the campfire is exactly what’s needed.

Day 2 (Sunday) breakfast:

2 sachets of oats topped with nuts and freeze fried fruit + coffee.

I thought I was overpacking for breakfast… nope nope nope! In fact, I woke up at 3am from hunger. Hiking and all the fresh air do that to you.

I’m also glad I brought those nuts to add to my oats! Extra calories were very much needed.

For coffee, I contemplated between a sachet of instant coffee or a bag similar to a tea bag. You have to pack out the used tea bag which is heavy when soaked with water, but I decided not to compromise on the taste. The brand I used was, but there are others.

Day 2 lunch:

I used the second sachet of tuna and the tortillas I had left from lunch of day 1.


Two energy bars and some trail mix.

In retrospect, I should have taken more quick calories like those gels runners use.


I’m so glad I brought those! On day 1, I mixed 2 sachets of Gatorade and 2 tablets of nuun+caffeine in a 1.5 l bottle and called it “rocket fuel”. I’m sure it was one of the reasons the 11 miles of day 1 were almost easy for me.

On day 2, I didn’t mix the nuun, but I did have 2 sachets of Gatorade in my 1.5 l bottle.

I also did bring a 750 ml bottle of clear water with me. The more hydration, the better!

Some notes to self:

– next time, I’ll bring more food. This was enough, but *just*. If our 2nd day hike would have taken longer, or more importantly, in case of an emergency, I would have had no food left.

sugary drinks were a very good idea because they gave me that much needed energy kick. Next time, however, I’ll also bring an energy gel or two.

– I didn’t regret bringing the coffee bags instead of instant coffee. That familiar taste of “real coffee” in the morning was a nice start of an intense day.

– I need to find the way to bring extra protein for my very sore muscles. Maybe I’ll pack some cheese sticks, maybe make sure my dinner is lentil-based, maybe find easy-to-dissolve individually packet protein powder.


My stove is the popular BRS ultralight ($16.95).

I brought the Toaks 450 ml cup ($19.95) as a pot (perfect size for me but doesn’t have a lid; the 550 ml one does).

I also brought a reusable plastic cup I bought at a supermarket for a bowl.

I love my Toaks long handle spork which lets me reach to the bottom of the freeze dried bag without getting my hand dirty.

Instead of washing my dishes in the backcountry, I use a micro fiber towel to wipe them out.

I brought a 230 ml gas canister but I absolutely, 100% should have brought a smaller one.

How do you fuel your adventures? Would you add/change anything?

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